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For the Designer

This section is intended to help you select products, provide features and benefits that make the specification of our products desirable, and provide application information.


Sample Specifications
L830/831 FAA Isolating Transformers
L823 Primary Connector Kits for Unshielded (Unscreened) Cable
L823 Compatible Primary Connector Kits for Screened (Shielded) Cable
2. Pictorial Product Guide
3. Amerace Guide to FAA L823 Connectors
4. Typical Circuits
Standard Series Circuits
Parallel Circuits
with Voltage Transformation
Line Voltage
5. Swedish Style SMGCS Configuration
6. Materials Used in Amerace Products
7. General Features and Benefits of Amerace products
8. Features and benefits of transformers
9. Features and benefits of field assembled connectors (kits)
10. Features and benefits of factory molded cable assemblies
11. Controlled Substance Declarationas per the European Directives 2002/95/EC (RoHS)