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Materials Used in Amerace Products

Consistent quality of materials is one of the keys to achieving high quality in our products. The Amerace practice is to partner with one supplier, or work closely with a maximum of two. The chosen suppliers have shown over time that they can meet our demanding requirements, and also a willingness to work with us for continuous improvement.

To ensure high quality materials our suppliers use as a foundation relevant third party standards, and in addition they have developed supplementary in-house standards and procedures so that the performance and quality of their materials will exceed the 'lowest common denominator' nature of general standards. The following sections give some details for the major material categories.

Transformer Laminations

Magnet Wire for transformer primary and secondary coils

Cable for transformer leads and cable assemblies

Thermoplastic Rubber for molding transformers, Class A connectors, and cable

Silicone compound for connector kits