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Sample Specification

L830/831 FAA Isolating Transformers

All fixtures, signs, etc., shall be powered by isolating transformers properly sized for each load.

Each transformer shall be certified to meet all the requirements of FAA AC 150/5345-47A, “Isolating Transformers for Airport Lighting Systems”, as verified by a listing in the current version of FAA AC 150/5345-53B Appendix 3 Addendum which is updated monthly, and may be downloaded from Caution.
In order to minimize water absorption and problems with deicer fluids, the transformers shall be encapsulated in TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). Use of “synthetic” rubbers (thermoset) such as Neoprene, Hypalon, and Polychloroprene are not acceptable. Explanation.
In order to increase the insulation resistance of the loops to ground, each transformer shall have an equivalent leakage current of less than 2 micro amps, during the “hot” production leakage test specified in 4.3.2. Explanation.
Each transformer connector shall be constructed with a suitable external profile to mate properly with the AmerSeal feature of Amerace® Super kits to provide a full second seal over the connection.