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Features and Benefits of Amerace Products

Feature Benefit
Power ratings to accommodate all loads from 30 watts to 500 watts. A single source for all of your needs.
All common (e.g. 6.6A, 20A) and many uncommon (e.g. 12A, 8.3A) ratios. A single source for all of your needs.
FAA approvals
Eligible for AIP funding.
Third party assurance of quality.
Transformer body, connectors, and cables are made of the same material.
Thermoplastic rubber
Molded assembly guaranteed watertight for all applications.
Suitable for direct burial.
FAA style flexible leads. Easy to access transformer by removing from container.
Leads standard with FAA L-823 connectors.
Field connectable and disconnectable for ease of installation and trouble shooting.
Interchangeability with most other connectors in the world since FAA connectors are the de facto world standard.
100% of all transformers hi-potted at 15kV, and ratio checked, before shipment.
Minimum field problems.
Long, trouble-free life.
Complete electrical and physical separation between the primary and secondary windings, and between primary and secondary internal connections. Maximum safety - typical breakdown voltage more than 35kV!
Earth stud available on any transformer. Meets ICAO recommendations.
CSA Certifications. • Accepted in Canada.
E&I Construction.
Low cost.
Lower open circuit voltages than toroidal style transformers.
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