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FAA Certified Products

Details of this third party certification program are described in FAA Advisory Circular AC150/5345-53D “Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program”.

Amerace supports this program, and has an extensive line of certified products within our specialty. Our third party certifier is Intertek Testing Services (formerly ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.) The official list of certified products is contained in AC 150/5345-53D Appendix 3 Addendum which is updated monthly, and may be downloaded.

The Amerace list is available by selecting one of the following:

L830 Isolation transformers, 60 Hertz
L831 Isolation transformers, 50 Hertz
L823 Type 1, Class A Primary cable assemblies
L823 Type 1, Class B Primary connectors (kits)
L823 Type 2, Class A Secondary cable assemblies
L823 Type 2, Class B Secondary connectors (kits)