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Sample Specification

L-823 Airfield Lighting Primary Connector Kits for Unshielded (Unscreened) Cable

Electrical connections between primary cable and isolating transformers, and for splicing primary cable, shall be by means of FAA L-823 type primary connector kits properly sized to the cable being used. No supplementary protection such as taping or heat shrink tubing is permitted. These kits shall conform to all of the following requirements:

Each kit shall consist of a Style 3 (plug) and Style 10 (receptacle), and shall meet all requirements of FAA AC 150/5345-26C (Type I, Class B), verified by inclusion in the current version of FAA AC 5345-53B Appendix 3 Addendum which is updated monthly, and may be downloaded from
Amerace® 54Super Kit
After assembly, the connection between the connector housings (both plug and receptacle) and the cable must be capable of withstanding a static longitudinal pull test of 50 kg.
This shall be confirmed by a pull test in which the connector housings shall be held or pulled in such a manner as not to impart a crimping or clamping action to the cable, and the cable shall be held or pulled from the conductor only (to prevent separation of the insulation from the remainder of the cable). A force of at least 50 kg shall be applied and then released.
A change in position between a connector housing and the outside of the cable of more than 10 mm shall be cause for rejection. Explanation
Each plug and receptacle housing shall have a metal insert molded into the rubber, which shall mate with a corresponding part of the appropriate pin or socket, to provide a permanent metal to metal connection between the housing and the pin or socket.
PositiveGrip feature of Amerace® Super54 Kit.
Each plug and receptacle shall have a permanently molded pull over sleeve at the interface end, to be pulled over completed connections , thus providing a full seal against dirt, and a second seal against water entry. The sleeve shall be reusable for the life of the connector.
AmerSeal feature of Amerace® 54Super kit

Are Super Kits compatible with the primary connectors on existing transformers?

Yes and no. The plug and receptacle dimensions are fully in conformance with the requirements of the relevant FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-26C, and the 54Super kits are certified by ETL to this AC. Therefore they will properly mate with any connector that meets the FAA requirements, such as those of other ETL certified transformers. However a qualified no applies to the AmerSeal feature. To be fully effective, AmerSeal requires a change in the outer shape of the transformer connectors. All Amerace transformers shipped after May 1, 1997, have this modified shape to allow a full second water seal when used with an AmerSeal. If the transformer connectors do not have this profile (whether Amerace® transformers built prior to May 1, 1997, or those built by others), then AmerSeal will provide extra protection from dirt and water, but we cannot guarantee a full second water seal.