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Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Kits

1. Your 54 kit instructions suggest pencilling the cable insulation. Is this really necessary? Answer
2. Are the 54Super kits certified to FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-26B by ETL? Answer
3. How are the 54Super Kits sized? Answer
4. Why is there a new ‘Z’ size in the 54Super kits, in addition to the familiar C, D, E, and F? Answer
5. Why is the B option (e.g. 54B) no longer offered? Answer
6. What is the force required to pull apart connections? Answer
7. What is the purpose of the silicone grease that primary kits are filled with? Is it to keep out water? Answer
8. What are the advantages of the SuperSeal ‘cold shrink’ cable entrance over the cable entrances of the classic 54 and 52 kits? Answer
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