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Free Information
Like some information before you specify or buy our products? We offer lots of ways to find out what you want to know:

1. First, we suggest exploring this web site. Did you know that it contains more than 250 pages, equivalent to a conventional book? And that, even better than most books, it also contains a lot of color pictures, illustrations, slide shows, and even a movie? And hyperlinks make it easy to find the information you are looking for. We suggest using the site map as an index, or if you have something specific you're looking for, use the search function on our home page.
2. Printable PDF versions of our catalog are available to download:

Complete catalog (16 pages) or in sections as follows:
Company Profile (1 page)
Series Isolating Transformers (4 pages)
Connector Kits (3 pages)
Cable Assemblies (2 pages)
Voltage Transformers (2 pages)
Suggested Crimping Tools (1 page)
Amerace Guide to L823 Connectors (1 page)
Typical Series Lighting Circuit (1 page)
3. A printed copy of our catalog is available by request.
4. Use E-mail to contact us directly.