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L823 Type II, Class B, Style 12, Secondary Connector Kit

To FAA Advisory Circular AC 150 / 5345-47
Kit Contents
Cut-away of complete Connector
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Wiper
  • Installation Instructions
How to specify for quotation:
"Amerace® 91R Secondary Receptacle Kit for two core cable" is a sufficient description , all sizes are the same price.

How to specify for ordering:
Develop a catalog number as follows:

Table 1
Insulation O.D.
Metric Imperial Size
Min. Max. Min. Max Code
8,1 10,9 .320" .430" D
10,7 14,9 .420" .585" E
14,6 19,9 .575" .785" F
Table 2
Wire Size Size
Concentric Stranded Solid
. 14-16AWG . 12-14AWG 8
2,5mm2 . . . 6
4mm2 10-12AWG 6mm2 8-10AWG 6
6mm2 8-AWG 10mm2 6 AWG 4
Order catalog number 91R-D6 for a secondary connector kit for a receptacle (female) termination on a round 2 core cable with an outside diameter over insulation between 8,1 (.320") and 10,9 (.430") and wire size of 4mm2 (10-12 AWG) stranded or 6mm2 (8-10 AWG) solid.
0,06kg (.14#) each
6,5 kg (14#)
Suggested Crimping Tools
91R E6 fits Amerace® "G" (2/12) cable
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