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Frequently Asked Questions

Connector Kits - General
1. Q: What is a ‘kit’? Answer
2. Q: Why do primary kits provide both a plug and a receptacle, whereas a secondary kit provides only one connector, either a plug, or a receptacle? Answer
3. Q: Kits and connectors are said to be watertight. What does this mean? Answer
4. Q: Does Amerace recommend the use of heat shrink as secondary protection for L823 connectors? Answer
5. Q: If a megger reading on one of our circuits does down, does this mean that water is leaking into our circuit? Answer
6. Q: How do the waterseals work? Answer
7. Q: How does “Interference Fit” work at the cable entrance? Answer
8. Q: How does interference fit work at the connector interface? Answer
9. Q: How can I have confidence that the rubber used for kit housings will stand up to the conditions on my airfield, such as salt water, oil, jet fuels, deicing fluids, etc.? Answer
10. Q. I have a cabling application that requires a section of shielded L824C #6 cable, spliced in-line with standard L824C #6 cable. Do the 52 and 54 series pins and sockets mate regardless of the conductor crimped? Answer