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It is important that the transformer connectors and kits be kept clean during installation.

Primary cable should be trained into position and terminated with an Amerace model 54 or 54Super kits (cable without a metallic screen), or 52Super kits (cable with a metallic screen) prior to placing the transformer in the ground.

Remove the protective caps from the primary leads and, if necessary, wipe the terminations clean with the wiper provided in the kits. Connect the transformer connectors to the mating cable kit connector.

No silicone lubricant is necessary when mating the primary and secondary connectors to the connectors molded on the transformer leads. After mating, these connectors are completely watertight.

Do not remove the protective cap from the secondary lead termination until ready to install the fixture plug connector.

(Optional) To prevent dirt from being drawn into the water seals whenever connectors are separated, apply two layers of plastic tape around the joint where the connectors come together, one half lapped, extending at least 38mm (1-1/2 inches) each side of the joint . No further taping is required.

When installing the fixture plug into the transformer secondary receptacle ensure that the large pin of the kit is lined up with the large socket of the receptacle.

Earthing (Grounding).
Some transformers (designated as TAG) have an earth connection to one leg of the secondary winding (large socket).

On the screw put the spring lock washer with the convex side towards the head of the screw, then the flat washer. Thread the screw by hand, 3 to 5 threads, into the threaded insert on the transformer. Lay the earth wire between the lock washer and the flat washer, and tighten the screw using a flat screwdriver. The maximum torque should not exceed 5.4 nm (4 foot pounds). Excessive torque will shear off the screw head.

It is preferable to have transformers individually earthed, through a system separate from the lightning protection circuit (counterpoise).
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