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Series Isolating Transformers

CSA Certified Transformer

CSA Certified Transformers to CSA C22.2 No.180/10M 1983
"Series Isolating Transformers for Airport Lighting"
Catalog Number
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Figure Shipping
kg. / lbs.
Open Circuit
CTAG04566D-01 30/45 watt 6.6/6.6 amp 50/60 Hertz 20 3,1/6.9 15/18 8001-2
CTAG10066D-01 100 watt 6.6/6.6 amp 50/60 Hertz 20 3,3/7.2 28/33 8201-2
CTAG200666-01 200 watt 6.6/6.6 amp 60 Hertz 21 4,9/10.9 43 8301-2
CTAG250626-01 250 watt 6.6/20 amp 60 Hertz 22 5,6/12.4 21 8401-2

Other Transformers for Use in Canada

The following transformers are not CSA certified. See below for an explanation.

Amerace builds and tests the following in the same manner as the above, and provides them with the CSA required split bolt ground connection. Site approval is the responsibility of the buyer.

Figure Shipping
kg. / lbs.
TAG065666-01 CS058 65 watt 6.6/6.6 60 Hz 25 2,4/5.25 25
TAG150666-01 CS058 150 watt 6.6/6.6 60 Hz 15 4,7/10.3 40
TAG300666-01 CS058 300 watt 6.6/6.6 60 Hz 23 7,1/15.8 87
TAG500666-01 CS058 500 watt 6.6/6.6 60 Hz 24 9,0/19.1 103
Proposal for New Ratings
In January 1999 Amerace proposed that additional ratings be added to C22.2 No. 180. Specifically, we proposed 4 new ratings, 65W, 150W, 300W and 500W, all at 6,6/6,6. The intent was to provide a full range of ratings for almost any available fixture or other load such as signs. In response CSA International (formerly CSA) reactivated the Subcommittee on “Underground Transformers for Airport Runway Lighting” with the intent of considering Amerace's proposal. The proposal was circulated on November 4, 1999. To review the proposal, click.

As of January 25, 2000, we were informed that no comments were received from the subcommittee by the deadline of December 2, 1999, so the proposal was deemed acceptable.

The revised standard was published September 6, 2000. Amerace proceeded with an RFQ to CSA International for certification of the 65W, 150W, 200W and 500W transformers. Unfortunately, the estimated price for these approvals was far in excess of what can be recovered by possible sales. Indeed, we consider the amount totally unreasonable, to the point where any future certification risks being non-viable.

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