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An Illustrated Example of
FAA L830 Transformer Qualification

FAA AC 150/5345-47A “Series Isolating Transformers” contains Section 4.1 “Equipment Qualification Procedures”.

This is pretty dry reading unless you have a lot of experience with such testing, which few do.

The following slide show is intended to make these requirements more 'user friendly' by illustrating an actual sequence of such tests.

These tests took place at Amerace in August and September 2000, to renew the certification, required by the FAA for every 8 years.

The specific product illustrated is a TA200666-01 transformer (200 Watt, 6,6/6,6 Amperes, 60 Hertz), designated by the FAA as an L830-6.

Tests were witnessed by Chris Metcalf, Intertek Testing Services, a third party certifier approved by the FAA.