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What Lead Times to Expect

There are a large number of potential products required for an airfield lighting project. Even within our specialty, we offer several hundred varieties of transformers, connector kits, and cable assemblies. You will understand that it is not economically feasible to stock all such products. The common approach to this dilemma is to stock some of the fast moving items, and have long and uncertain lead times for the remainder, which causes a lot of problems and hidden costs to buyers.

Amerace has a better approach. Explanation

Typical lead times (receipt of order to when it leaves our shipping dock) range between 1 -2 weeks in quiet times, to 4 to 5 weeks when we are really busy.

Average lead times in November 2009 were:

Product Line Lead Time in Days
Transformers 21
Connector Kits 21
Cables 14

Lead time days are measured from the date the order is received to the date it is shipped - including weekends and holidays.

We are currently quoting 2-3 weeks lead time.