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Connector Kits General Information

Amerace® field-installed connector kits have been providing reliable, watertight connections at hundreds of airports throughout the world for more than 30 years.

What Is A Kit?
A “kit” is a collection of parts used to assemble a connector.

How Do Kits Work?

All kits use the well-proven interference fit principle to achieve a watertight connection between connectors, and between a connector and a cable.
To assemble, pins and sockets are crimped to the conductors, and inserted into premolded rubber housings.
The connectors are now ready to be mated to corresponding connectors to complete the circuit.

Installing and Using a Primary Kit (54Super).

Super Kit? Classic Kit? What's the Difference?

Primary Connections or The Education of H2O Junior.

Installing and Using a Primary Kit (52Super).

Installing and Using a Secondary Connector Kit.

CSA Certificate of Compliance - Underground Cable Splicing Kits.

What Are Kits Made Of?
Amerace® insulating housings are molded from a specialty compounded EPDM rubber that is highly resistant to sunlight and ozone and complies with FAA specification L823 AC 150/5345-26B CHG-2.