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600V Watertight Connector Kits

General Information
Individual fusing of components of a power distribution system and fixtures in highway, area and flood lighting circuits eliminate the de-energization of the complete circuit in the event of an electrical fault in a component. In the event of a lighting standard being knocked down in highway lighting circuits, not only is the balance of the circuit left energized, but with a breakaway style fuse holder the possibility of live electrical conductors being accessible is eliminated. Maintenance is also simplified as the problem area is readily identified.

Over the last thirty years Elastimold® and more recently Amerace® has supplied millions of high quality fused and non-fused field installed connector kits for these applications.

All Elastimold® connector kits are designed with the following features:
Completely watertight.
Breakaway type that allows separation of the kit without breaking conductors.
Eliminate electrical shock possibility, as all exposed current carrying components (when the kit is open) are contained in the harmless load side of the kit.
Easily field installed.
Completely factory fabricated, eliminating the need for tapes or compounds.
Insulated to 600 volts.

Although fuses are not normally supplied with Elastimold® fused connector kits, we will supply if requested. Consult factory for catalog number and price.

Usually the fuse housed in an Elastimold® fused connector kit will carry more than listed amperage, but its short circuit protection will be normal. For close limits, such as the running protection of a motor, the capacity of the fuses should be determined experimentally, since the size of the attached conductors, ambient temperature and other installation factors may under or over-rate the fusing action.

A fuse capable of interrupting the short circuit capacity of the supply circuit must be used.

Glass tube fuse should not be used in any Elastimold® kit.

All Elastimold® kit moldings are made with high dielectric TPE molding compound.


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